160. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.

160. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.

Dictionary.com defines desire as; a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment.

Desire is no stranger to any of us and if we wish to truly understand the power behind The Habit of Insatiable Hunger, we need also understand the role that desire plays in our lives.

Imagine for a moment a horizontal line, a continuum. On the extreme end of the left side we measure desire by the words, Nice to Have.

On the other extreme, the right side we measure desire by the words Must Have.

Now let’s look at the difference that positional placement on this continuum has on the probability of success and the effort we are likely to unleash in pursuit of this desire.

Let’s say, for example, the incompetent drycleaners have once again shrunk your pants – your favourite pants – and the only way to fit into them is to shed 20 pounds.

Losing 20 pounds is something you desire. The question is how badly do you desire it?

Look at that continuum and ask yourself this question: how important is it to me to lose those 20 pounds.

If there was a gauge or slider attached to that continuum you could move to exactly the position that represents the strength of your desire, where would you place it?

If you place it close to the words Nice to Have, you are essentially saying that it would be nice if 20 pounds magically dropped off of your frame but that you are neither willing nor likely to put much effort into making that happen.

If, on the other hand, you move that slider to the end of the continuum right on top of the words Must Have, there is not likely a force on this planet that will prevent you doing whatever it takes to lose that excess weight.

People who have made The Habit of Insatiable Hunger a part of their DNA are those who chase their desires with the passion, enthusiasm, fervour and determination that this habit brings into the lives of all who adopt it.

The Habit of Insatiable Hunger means that you easily and frequently place your desires at the Must Have end of the continuum and the relentless gnawing pain of fire in your belly drives you ruthlessly in pursuit of your desires.

The Habit of Insatiable Hunger separates those who play at something, dabble or tinker from those who are all in and determined to win at all cost and never give up regardless of how difficult the struggle. There is a moral to this story. We all have things in our lives we desire and, in terms of importance, those things range from the Nice to Have end of the continuum all the way to the Must Have.

If we really want to assess our chances of success of turning desires into realities we really must, with brutal honesty, examine where that desire is placed on the continuum and then understand the continuum for what it is – a mirror of truth.

The further our desire is positioned away from the Must Have end, the lower the probability that we will stay on the pathway necessary to achieve it.

If The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is not driving our desperation and determination to succeed, then perhaps our best course of action is to treat our desire is a Nice to Have and hope that it will become one of the few Nice to Haves that do actually fall into our laps with no effort on our part.

But don’t hold your breath, waiting.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.


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