338. The true Pathway to enlightenment.

338. The true Pathway to enlightenment.

There is a Pathway to freedom and happiness, and it is available to anyone willing to step onto it and stay on it.

This Pathway is not always clear, has thorns and brushes that must be sidestepped and has hidden exit ramps that may appear out of nowhere to lead you in an unwanted direction.

Those who bypass these obstacles and remain in the path report feelings of liberation unlike any they have ever experienced before. And the longer they remain on this Pathway, the more determined they become to never leave.

Unlike the many rules of the road to be remembered and followed when driving a vehicle, there is only one rule necessary for permanent residence on this Pathway. It is a nonnegotiable, inviolable rule that must be adhered to at all times if you want to enjoy the benefits this Pathway offers.

The rule is this: in order to be granted access to, and to remain on this Pathway you must accept full and unconditional ownership of any and every emotion your experience.

No exceptions.

You must blindly and unquestionably accept that:

  • When you feel angry, it is you and not the driver of the car that cut in front of you.
  • When you feel disappointed it is you and not the behaviour of another person or a result other than the one you were expecting.
  • When you feel sad, it is you and not the event in your life that seems to want to occupy every minute of your focus.
  • When you feel weary, it is you and not someone or something else.
  • When you feel defeated, it is you and not what you believe to be the cause of your defeat.
  • When you feel helpless, it is you and not your sense of inability to change a situation.
  • When you feel elated it is you and not the promotion you just received.
  • When you feel ecstatic, it is you and not the car you won in a raffle.
  • When you feel exhilarated, it is you and not the gigantic sale you just closed.

This is the Pathway to personal power. For the moment we step onto it and accept ownership is also the moment when we acknowledge the separation between things that happen – many of which may well be out of our control – and the way we choose to respond. It is our ownership of our emotions that ensures that never again can we fall victim to the actions and behaviours of others, or to the circumstances caused by events over which we have no influence.

The true joy that comes from this Pathway is contained in the knowledge that we can always have and will continue to have full ownership over each of our emotions which means that regardless of what happens, how we feel is how we choose to feel and we have both the right and the ability to choose any emotion, at any intensity, at any time.

Our emotions are at the core of our humanity for without them we would be robots experiencing neither highs nor lows, but simply functioning as programmed automatons.

For almost 21 years my company, Strategic Pathways Inc., has been operational and yet it is only recently that it occurred to me how predictive the name of the company has been.

You see, a goal without a strategy – a desire without a means of making it happen – is just a wish and the name Strategic Pathways, has now come to me to mean to me that the moment we step onto this Pathway, the only strategy we follow is the one called ownership of emotions and many of my clients who have chosen this Pathway will enthusiastically tell you that the power behind ownership of every emotion, and the longer we stay on the Pathway, allows for easy access to all the good ones.

I urge you to commit to making ownership of your emotions your new strategy in life and then to join us on the Pathway.

I look forward to seeing you on the Pathway and promise that once you have been on it for a while, you won’t ever want to leave.

Till we read again.


Finally, after months in the works, my company’s new website is up. Please take a moment and visit www.strategicPathways.net . Browse through this site and then click on the “Contact Us” tab or tellmemore@strategicPathways.net  and let me know what you think.

Your opinion truly means a lot to me.

Thank you.


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