159. Pierre’s hunger feeds many.

159. Pierre’s hunger feeds many.

Hunger comes in many forms and The Habit of Insatiable Hunger provides countless avenues for exploration.

The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is that driving sensation inside of us that keeps us seeking more and better ways to get what we want while never satisfying the pangs for even more.

The experts tell us that if we spend one hour per day reading and studying a particular topic, at the end of five years we will be in the top 1% of the world’s foremost authorities on that subject.

I know of one such person and would like to share his story with you.

Pierre is not his real name but it is the one he suggested I use when I called and asked permission to tell the story of how his insatiable hunger for knowledge led to the extraordinary success he enjoys today.

He is a private person, modest to a fault and while he has accumulated great wealth, his preference is to live a simple life and be known as a good man rather than a rich man.

His reason for asking me to use the name Pierre is because he knows if I print his real name he will be inundated with people wanting to learn his secret and potentially turn his private life into a very public one.

When Pierre was in his early 20s and working in a warehouse while trying to save enough money to go to school at night, he became fascinated with two things: math and the stock market.

He read every book he could find on those two subjects, subscribed to every publication available and spent hours each day trying to satisfy his insatiable hunger for knowledge of these two topics.

As his months of study turned into years, his confidence grew and he began investing in the stock market, using his new knowledge and skills to forecast patterns, identify trends and hone his timing so as to maximize the return on each trade.

Ever eager to learn more, he intensified his studies and broadened his investment practices and it didn’t take long before his initial investment of a few hundred dollars became several thousand and then exploded into many millions.

Pierre has never been attracted to the trappings of wealth and the only lifestyle change his newfound prosperity brought was to quit his job and devote his time to the study of his two favourite topics and to being an intelligent investor.

Today, some 40 years after his quest for knowledge began, Pierre is a philanthropist having donated – always anonymously – millions of dollars to worthy causes.

He is as committed as ever to The Habit of Insatiable Hunger and when his head is not buried in a book or wrapped around a math challenge that would stump most experts, he can be found volunteering his time as a math tutor and, so highly regarded are his capabilities, he is also a frequent guest “Professor” at local schools and universities.

Pierre attributes his success to his lifelong devotion to The Habit of Insatiable Hunger and believes with all his heart that a raging, unquenchable “fire in the belly” is as necessary for success as breathing is for life.

His dedication to constantly trying to quell the insatiable hunger has translated into thousands of lives being changed through his philanthropy and mentorship and he has passed these qualities to his children and grandchildren all of whom have adopted The Habit of Insatiable Hunger as their own.

A quest for knowledge is a gift from God and I have learned so much from this man whose life is governed by two extraordinary wishes; to keep learning and to keep helping others.

The Habit of Insatiable Hunger can enable all of us to become Pierres’.

And that would most assuredly make for a far better world.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.


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Thank you.


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