337. Thinking makes it so.

337. Thinking makes it so.

When the first thought to enter your mind when you wake up each morning is “will this day never end,” then you really need to take a close look at the story you are telling yourself.

In the course of my day job I learn more every single day about both the destructive and constructive power of every thought going through our minds.

The more I hear my clients speak of the remarkable changes in their own lives brought about by the simple act of repeatedly telling themselves powerful, uplifting and inspirational stories, the more firmly I become committed to the notion that we truly are the product of our own story.

I have witnessed broken souls being repaired, long abandoned dreams reignited and dark prospects turned into bright futures by folks who have committed to repeatedly telling themselves uplifting and inspiring stories of their own unlimited possibilities and then, resolutely kept that commitment.

We set the tone for each day by the stories we tell ourselves and we humans are uniquely skilled at seeking out and validating those stories.

Have you ever noticed that whenever we label a person, that label never disappoints? Every word out of the mouth of that person we have labelled as stupid is idiotic, every action by the person labelled entertaining is funny and we always enjoy the company of those we have labelled “engaging.”

In exactly the same way the biblical principle of “… Seek and ye shall find,” appears to guide us to validating those labels, the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, about the quality of our lives, and our often negative prophecies of the future, seem magically to come true as by our attitude and behaviour we direct those very things to become part of our experience.

The very moment we take a fact – “it’s raining” – and we add an adjective – and it’s a miserable day – we create an opinion or a belief, and, as we have discussed repeatedly, everything we believe to be true is true – until it isn’t.

Unfortunately, these fictional beliefs about ourselves and our abilities cause us to misguidedly accept these “facts” to be self-evident. We then empower these beliefs to become insurmountable barriers that we strategically position between where we are and where we want to be.

There is a sad truth which many resist. If it is true that the truth shall set us free, then we need to embrace this truth as if it is a great gift that has been bestowed upon us.

That truth is this: we alone are 100% responsible for every emotion we experience. This means when we are happy, it is us; when we are sad, it is us; when we are angry, it is us and when we are at peace, it is us.

When we embrace this truth we realize it is indeed a great gift, for within this truth lies self empowerment and the key to our own happiness.

The biggest contributor to this truth remains imbedded in the stories we constantly tell ourselves.

Hamlet famously declared, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Whenever we find ourselves in states of anger, sadness and general dissatisfaction there is a question we must immediately ask ourselves.

“What the heck was I thinking?”

Till we read again.


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