158. Fill up with hunger.

158. Fill up with hunger.

Today I would like to introduce The Habit of Insatiable Hunger for it is from this restless, disturbed and gnawing hunger that we draw the energy necessary to catapult ourselves from accomplishment to accomplishment as we pursue goals that, to the many seem unattainable and to the few – the truly hungry ones – are their raison d’être for getting up in the morning.

The Habit of Insatiable Hunger feeds our desire for more, keeps us as desperate for the next accomplishment as we were for our very first, and keeps, front and center in our minds, our need to keep hunting if we wish to keep eating.

Over the past few years we have used these pages to discuss more than 50 habits, each of which plays a key role in keeping us focused, encouraged, ready and prepared to meet head on those obstacles that inevitably will fall before us as we create exceptional lives and yet all of those habits will be for naught if we do not add The Habit of Insatiable Hunger to our habit palette and always keep it full enough to nourish us and empty enough to keep needing more.

It is said that the truly successful live in an “eat what you kill” world and these folks – these titans of success – are never satisfied, not because they can never attain enough but rather because the drive to satisfy their craving provides a thrill like no other.

Hunger can, of course, come in many forms. The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is far different from the hunger of desperation which can, at its extremes, cause sane, rational people to behave in a way that would lead others to conclude they have taken leave of their senses.

It has been long said that leaders are readers and those with a voracious appetite for knowledge and a burning yearning to apply newfound knowledge in ways that produce ever greater results will always outshine the rest.

Those who feel constantly driven by an insatiable hunger for more really do so not out of greed, but rather are driven to these heights by a relentless need to stretch themselves further and further and to never be satisfied because, to these folks, being satisfied is akin to drifting backwards.

Many of us have experienced setting goals for ourselves, lofty goals that cause our spines to tingle in anticipation, and yet often find ourselves falling short as one or more setbacks cause our enthusiasm to wane, our passion to diminish and our commitment to waiver.

If you, like me, identify with those types of experiences then adopting The Habit of Insatiable Hunger into out our practice is not just beneficial, it is essential

An insatiable hunger to succeed does not recognize failure as a stumbling block but rather as a challenge to learn from and then overcome.

A life devoted to The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is a life spent shattering records, discovering new frontiers, making the impossible possible, turning fantasy into reality and always pushing boundaries further into the unknown.

A life devoted to The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is not a life void of fear but is instead a life committed to action despite that fear.

In short, a life devoted to The Habit of Insatiable Hunger is a life filled with the rewards that come only to those who dare.

And who wouldn’t want a life like that?

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.


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