166. Much can be achieved in two hours.

166. Much can be achieved in two hours.

“How do I immerse myself in this home-based business I’m pursuing when I’m juggling two jobs, two kids and I’m trying to help my dad as he struggles to adjust to life on his own as my mother passed away four months ago?”

Melanie’s question was not that different from many others I have fielded in the past week.

For the past two weeks we have been discussing The Habit of Total Immersion. The discussion began when we suggested that moving to Mexico and living with a family for six months was a far faster and more effective way of obtaining fluency in Spanish than enrolling in a local program and attending a few classes each week.

For most of us, though, uprooting our lives in order to fully immerse ourselves in a new language does not fit within the bounds of practicality and we have to find a more amenable and, most likely local, method of producing those results.

With our options narrowed and limited time available, immersion really means our willingness and ability to practice exclusive focus as a means to achieve desired results.

For Melanie, this might mean that she carve out one or two hours each week to devote to the building of her home-based business.

Her success will be far less dependent on how much actual time she spends building her business and far more on what she does with that allotted time.

Unquestionably Melanie’s life is a busy and hectic one. Almost all of her time is accounted for and the very reason she expressed determination to build a successful home-based business is so that at some point in the future she will have the financial wherewithal to not have to work two jobs, but instead have as much time as she wants to devote to the family she loves so much.

Melanie clearly understands that if she can commit two hours each week to building a business, it means that for those two hours she does nothing other than focus on business building activities.

For those two hours she does not take personal phone calls, answer emails or texts, spend time with the kids and her dad, clean the house, do grocery shopping or any activity other than those that move her towards the success she wishes to experience in the business.

In other words, Melanie’s success is solely dependent on her ability to fully immerse herself during those two hours and practice exclusive focus for every second of those 120 minutes.

Clearly, another person pursuing the same goals as Melanie but with the luxury of being able to do so full-time will have a better chance than Melanie of achieving those goals in a much shorter time frame.

For Melanie to have any chance at all she must bring The Habit of Total Immersion into every second she spends on building her business and if she implies this quality and intensity of focus the future may well become filled with the freedom of financial security and the luxury of unlimited family time.

With only two hours a week at her disposal, reaching this goal may take her several years, but without The Habit of Total Immersion there is very little likelihood of her life changing at all.

After talking with Melanie for quite some time, I am convinced she is one of those rare people who will do whatever is necessary to achieve the goals she sets for herself and The Habit of Total Immersion will unquestionably shorten the time it takes her to get there.

Go Melanie Go.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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