345. Get back on course.

345. Get back on course.

Last week we talked about our built-in navigation system’s that warns us when we are going off course.

Just like the instrument panel in a plane alerts the pilot that it is time for a course correction and our own eyes warn us of the same when we are driving a car, our emotions serve to warn us that we may be veering away from where we want to be going.

There are three questions that, when asked, provided us a golden opportunity to make instant course corrections and direct us to where we are best able to get the results we seek.

Forming the habit of asking these three questions throughout each day will serve as a powerful navigation instrument enabling us to make instant course corrections.

The first question is; “What am I focusing on right now?” This is an extremely powerful question to ask ourselves for in every waking moment of every day there is some form of thought going through our heads and those thoughts – what we are focusing on in the moment – play a vital role in our emotional state and consequently, in how we are conducting ourselves.

Think of this: you have a headache – a severe headache – and it is occupying all of your focus. You cannot seem to move your attention away from the pounding in your head.

Then, the phone rings and suddenly you are deeply engaged in an intense conversation that requires 100% of your attention.

So, what has happened to that headache?

Most of us have had this experience and can attest to the fact that more often than not, when our attention is redirected – i.e. the phone call – the headache seems to miraculously disappear only to return once we hang up the phone.

The old statement, “Energy flows to where our attention goes” really applies to what we are focusing on in the moment for it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to focus on more than one thing at a time and whatever we are focusing on is having an enormous impact on how we feel in that moment.

The second question; “Is it (what I am focusing on right now) moving me towards or away from where I want to be right now?”

Obviously, if what you are focusing on right now is moving you towards where you want to be, simply maintain your focus.


However, if what you are focusing on is moving you away from where you want to be – perhaps you are angry, irritated, stressed, etc. – then the fastest, most effective way to change that those feelings is to ask yourself the third question.

And the third question is; “What is my best choice right now?”. What can and should I focusing on that will move me back in the direction of where I want to be?

By itself, this third question and the ensuing action on your part of consciously changing your focus will go a very long way in changing the level of resourcefulness available to you and when we are resourceful we will always make better choices than when we are not.

With minimal practice you will be able to immediately change the way you feel, by simply asking yourself these three questions.

And that goes a very long way to changing the results in, and therefore the quality of, your life.

It’s huge reward from minimal effort.

Try it, you may like it.

Till we read again.

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