A Time for Christmas Reflection

A Time for Christmas Reflection

With Christmas a mere five days away, there is no better time for us to reflect on the year that is almost over and examine what we can best do in the new year to help make our world a better place.

We are long been told that if we aren’t growing, we are dying. We are further told that our lives are never static, they are dynamic which means we are always in motion, moving towards something, with the question being are we moving closer towards where we want to be or have we pointed ourselves in the opposite direction.

Making our world a better place begins with making ourselves better people and, as we are all works in progress, our task of being better is never quite complete.

What of Resolutions?

At this time of year, I am frequently asked by clients what kinds of New Year’s resolutions they should consider. My answer never changes. I have long believed that New Year’s resolutions serve little purpose other than to make us feel good about our intentions for a short while until the reality of the new year sets in and we abandon our resolutions.

Any regular attendee at a gym will tell you how much they loathe the first two weeks of each year as their clubs are filled with people determined to convert their resolutions into reality. They will also tell you how much they look forward to the end of those two weeks when these same folks leave the gym for the last time allowing the regulars to enjoy the rigors of their regular, uncrowded workouts.

The best advice I can give my clients is to encourage them to select one thing they would like to improve upon, determine precisely what they need to do to make this happen, irrevocably commit themselves to achieving this and then to wait until the second week of January – or perhaps later – to begin.

And there is one more essential step. Don’t quit.

And between now and then enjoy the season, be kind to others and generous to all.

Merry Christmas.

Till we read again.

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