Are You Ready For The Challenge?

Are You Ready For The Challenge?


I’m looking for a few good people.

Actually, not a few, only two.

Next week is the launch of “Obsession” 100 Day Boot Camp to Optimal Performance and I am looking to add two more people to round out the cohort.

Eight brave souls have committed to this journey and, in so doing, are committed to pushing themselves further, deeper and higher than ever before to discover that which they are indubitably capable of doing.

Here’s my sales presentation. It may not have the sex appeal of Matthew McConaughey driving a Lincoln, but if you have reached the critical point in your life that you are no longer willing to settle for more of what you have, this performance boot camp is the one that will get you to where you want to be.

For 100 days you will:

  • Set impossibly difficult, yet inspirational, goals.
  • Get up earlier and stay up later.
  • Challenge yourself each day to grow beyond that which has become comfortable and unmotivating.
  • Willingly endure more than ever before, knowing that each step brings you that much closer to the life you choose.
  • Waive your right to whine and complain so that you can use that energy to achieve more and be more.
  • Commit to a daily regimen with no margin for deviation.
  • Finish everything you commit to doing.
  • Blast through every barrier no matter the difficulty.
  • Modify your lifestyle, choices and decisions to meet your goals, rather than modifying your goals to meet your lifestyle, choices and decisions.
  • Be unwavering in your quest to be your personal best.
  • Persevere against all odds.
  • Never yield, never quit.

Pretty inspiring sales pitch isn’t it? Not really.

The truth is this is not for everybody. This is for those who are unwilling to accept anything other than being all that they can in everything they do.

It is for those for whom average is anathema as average simply means being the best of the worst or the worst of the best.

It is for those who constantly feel unsettled and restless because they know they are capable of so much more.

It is for those for whom no price is too high, no pain is too great and not challenge too daunting to stop them from converting every dream into an everyday reality.

And it is for those who have the courage to challenge themselves to do more than they’ve ever done, and the willingness to even do more than that.

I know, from a purely marketing standpoint this is perhaps the worst sales story ever told.

It is also the most honest.

Everyone who undertakes this challenge will, at some point, regret that decision and seek a way out.

And there will be no way out.

Over the hundred days we will cry together, laugh together, hurt together and heal together.

But here’s what will happen. On day 100 these 10 people will bear little resemblance to the 10 who began on day one.

Oh, they may well look like the same individual, but inside of each of them will reside a very new person who thinks differently, conducts themselves differently and recognizes the opportunity that resides inside every impossibility.

On day 100 they will be their own hero.

I know I have not painted a picture that will appeal to most. The truth is I know of no other way to achieve the quantum leap in results that these hundred days will provide to each of these 10 folks.

There are only a few short days left before this program begins. If what I have written has not caused you to abandon this blog in search of something else, and you would like to find out how you can be a part of this adventure then please email me at or call me at (403) 802 3476.

I am looking for only two brave and determined souls.

Are you one of them?

Till we read again.

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