Assembling a Team for Growth

Assembling a Team for Growth

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They say we are a reflection of those we hang out with.

We adopt their mindset, share their beliefs, mimic their behavior and project their attitudes.

Our values become their values and their values become ours.

There is a reason why they say birds of a feather flock together.

We all familiar with the “perfect” child who gets mixed up in the “wrong company” and finds himself in all kinds of trouble.

I recently read a paper that explained if we take two genetically identical seeds and plant one in rich, fertile, bountiful soil and the other in dry, barren soil, the seed planted in the lush soil will develop into a healthy harvest while the other seed will produce an inferior crop, if it produces one at all. Makes sense, right?

Our Surroundings Help us Thrive

We humans are no different. Each of us is a perfectly defined seed, full of infinite potential, which over time, will be heavily influenced by the company we keep.

Right across the socioeconomic spectrum of society, we find people gravitating towards others who share their same values, beliefs and standards.

I recently watched an interview with a self-made billionaire in the US who, when asked the secret of his success, replied, “I have always made it a point of mine to meet and hang out with people who are far more successful than I am. 

“These people, over many years, have become my teachers, mentors and coaches, they have shared with me what works, what doesn’t, and they have guided my every action.”

“I have purposely stayed away from those who don’t make their own success a priority, because all they can teach me is how to become less successful.”

It is self-evident that if you want to become a better tennis player, you should play against those who are better than you, and if you want to quit drinking, then stay away from those for whom drinking is an important part of their everyday lives.

The Company You Keep is a Habit

Our lives are never static, they are always in motion in that we are always either growing or shrinking, becoming stronger or weaker, becoming more engrained in our habits.

If we desire to become better, a good place to begin is to ask ourselves who we’re spending time with. Are these relationships pulling us in a new, expansive direction, or keeping us stuck where we are? If you realize your circle of friends and family is preventing your growth, you need to plant yourself around people who help you flourish.

Repotting yourself requires three things:

  1. Reflection, to understand how you got to where you are
  2. Vision, to determine where you want to be
  3. Planning, to get you there

Rumor has it spring is the best time to plant.

Till we read again.

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