Let’s Build A Better World

Let’s Build A Better World

The explosive and exponential daily rate of growth of infected persons and deaths leaves no room for those skeptics who have been proclaiming COVID-19 to be nothing more than a hoax/overreaction/political maneuver/media frenzy/government power grab/elimination of personal rights and freedoms and a whole host of other labels that are being used by those who chose to disregard the sayings of the planet’s top scientists, instead buying in to the endless (and mindless) rantings that social media has rendered ubiquitous.

The hard numbers that are broadcast daily make it clear for all to understand the horrors of this fast spreading virus and the economic path of destruction being left in its wake.

This is a call to action for those of us who are, thus far, healthy and able. We have a duty to care for one another and to seek every opportunity to serve, to help, to be compassionate and to be kind.

Never in our lifetimes, regardless of our age, have any of us lived through a time like now where our entire planet is under siege from a ruthless killing machine and our economy has, in effect, being turned off.

We are witnessing daily acts of heroism performed by healthcare workers throughout the world who are placing themselves and their families at great risk each time they go to work and willingly do so in order to give comfort and aid to the sick and dying. These are not merely our heroes, they are in fact our role models demonstrating, as Gandhi said, “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”

It has been said many times recently that crises bring out both the worst in people and the best in people. Sadly, we have seen all too many examples of the worst in people as we read about predators buying up huge quantities of essential items and then offering them for resale at gargantuan prices. And each new day brings news of scams perpetuated by some of the other sub-humans who infest our society with their very presence.

But the rest of us are the best of us and this is our time to shine.

I encourage each of you to pledge, right now to yourself, that you will seek and perform at least one act of kindness each day and will do so gladly and willingly with no expectation or desire for reward or recognition.

And, further, strive to do this well past the days after COVID-19 has long become a distant memory.

Imagine how just a few of us can change the world by being kind and generous and inviting others to join us by doing the same.

Imagine a world where kindness and consideration, caring and sharing, selflessness and generosity are the norms, not the exceptions.

Imagine being an early adopter in a movement that changes the definition of what is and is not important in our world.

If it is true that every great accomplishment began as a thought in someone’s imagination, then if you can imagine being a part of such a world, please email “I’m in” to events@strategicpathways.net and I will send you an invitation to a Zoom event scheduled for the week of April 13 and you can join our quest to make our world a better place during this period of fear and uncertainty.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Till we read again.

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