Life is a game. Learn the rules.

Life is a game. Learn the rules.

Game board with dice, with white text reading "life's a game, learn the rules"

Try this:

For the next 100 days set your alarm and get up one hour earlier than usual each morning.

For the next 100 days give up something you really enjoy; wine with dinner; that afternoon nap on weekends; chocolate (okay, that’s really pushing it).

For the next 100 days, commit to spending one hour every day reading or studying in order to make yourself better.

For the next 100 days, set a challenging physical goal and push yourself fanatically to accomplish it.

For the next 100 days do something each day that is uncomfortable and that, given a choice, you would ordinarily avoid.

It Can Be Done

These are all challenges my clients set for themselves. Challenges they thought impossible, or close to it. Challenges they completed, because they learned the rules to meeting this kind of demanding goal.

OBSESSION – 100 Day Boot Camp to Optimal Performance is the game-changing program I introduced last summer for those clients courageous enough to subject themselves to an irrevocable commitment that will, for 100 days, require them to push themselves harder and further than ever before for the sole purpose of experiencing the degree to which the limits we impose upon ourselves exist solely in our minds and nowhere else.

Life is a game, a mind game. As we progress through life, we set boundaries and limits for ourselves that have no basis in reality, but are only held in place by what we believe to be true.

One of life’s truths is that everything we believe to be true is true – until it isn’t. This is one of the key revelations that emerges during these 100 days that enables these brave souls to re-define their own boundaries and shatter their self-imposed limitations. It is only when these limitations have been lifted that those things that once seemed, improbable, possibly even impossible, become not only possible, but within one’s grasp.

Learn the Rules

If life truly is a mind game, then would we not all benefit by not only learning the rules, but innately understanding how to apply them?

My clients’ courageous stories and achievements validate why understanding this essential principle – whatever we believe to be true is true, until it isn’t – is the one practice above all others that has the propensity to propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

Truth empowers us to strive for the impossible, to grasp the unreachable and to accomplish the unattainable.

It also allows us to accept things the way they are, to give up when the going gets tough and to accept mediocrity as normal.

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable is a major first step to massive transformation. In all my many years of coaching I have never, not even once, encountered a truly successful person who has not had to push them themselves well past any comfort level and create the _energy and drive to ensure their dreams transform into their new reality.

It’s Your Beliefs

After all is said and done, the one common denominator that emerges from each success story: the untenable belief that if I can do it, anyone can.

OBSESSION lays out the rules of the game and the 100 Day Boot Camp to Optimal Performance delivers proof positive that living by those rules makes everything possible.

If now is the time for your dreams to become your OBSESSION, contact me at and let’s begin the journey to the life you’ve always wanted.

Till we read again.

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