To Make a Change, You Must Pay the Price

To Make a Change, You Must Pay the Price

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Are you thinking of trying to make a change? It comes down to which price you’re willing to pay.

What are you willing to pay to lose weight, that extra 50 pounds you’ve been carrying around for years, and never gain it back again?

What will you do to get in the best shape of your life and continue to get better and better as time passes?

What are you ready to give up, to sacrifice, to go back to school and complete that degree which will open the pathway to the career of your dreams?

How much risk are you willing to take to walk away from the security of your job and start your own business to build the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of?

There always is a price to pay. In my job as a Habits Coach I frequently encounter clients who tell me they really, really, really want something and yet, by their actions – or inactions – repeatedly sabotage their own desires by not doing the very things they know they need to do in to bring their goals into their reality.

The reasons they give to explain why they are not doing as they committed are really their way of telling me that the price is too high – it is more than they are willing to pay.

Is the Price Too High?

They fail to realize that they are indeed paying an even higher price by living a life of broken promises to themselves.

You see, there is not just one price, there are always two prices, one of which we will always pay.

There is the price of doing something and the price of doing nothing.

All too often, the price we pay is the one that gives us precisely what we don’t want.

And we keep paying that price year after year.

And boy, is that expensive. The price of retaining the status quo we say we don’t want is truly death by a thousand cuts. A slow and painful way of living life.

So, when we ask ourselves what we want, we need only look at what we have, for therein lies the answer.

And in order for anything to be different, we need to become different which means we must be absolutely committed to paying the price of becoming different.

Otherwise, we simply validate the old definition of insanity which reminds us, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”

An old saying reminds us “everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.” Unfortunately, that is the price of admission and similarly, the price of carving out the life you want is nonnegotiable.

And every reason we offer for not doing so is nothing more than an excuse we use to remind ourselves that we don’t want, what we say we want, badly enough to pay the price for it.

The Cost of Entry

So, before you make a change, you ought to ask yourself but one question: “Am I willing to pay the price, not just today, but every day?”

If your answer is yes, then call me. I help people like you develop the essential habits you will need to create, and sustain, the life you want.

My number is (403) 203 0343 or (888) 929 0343. You can also email me at

I promise to make the price feel like a gift, rather than a burden.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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