This is Your Most Precious Commodity

This is Your Most Precious Commodity

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What is the most precious commodity in your life?

Ask 10 people this question and I guarantee you will get 10 different answers ranging from money, health, family and career to faith, emotional well-being or peace of mind.

It is one of those questions to which technically there is no correct answer.  Yet I believe there is one commodity that surpasses all others in value; it is the only one that once lost, cannot be – found, once used, cannot be reused and once wasted, cannot be regained.

Your Most Precious Commodity

That commodity is TIME and it is how we use our time that, perhaps more so than anything else, determines the degree of success we reap.

Think about this for a moment: we can work to make more money, we cannot work to make more time. We can work to improve our health, we cannot work to gain more time. We can work to create better and stronger family ties, but we cannot work to create more time.

Time is a selfless commodity. It cares not about our thoughts, our feelings, our anxieties and our fears.

It just marches on at the rate of 3,600 seconds per hour, 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

And we can use it to our advantage or waste it.  

It just doesn’t care, but we should.

Be Aware of How You Use It

You see, time gives us all unlimited opportunities to excel but it also gives us unlimited opportunities to waste.

It neither encourages nor discourages us, it is simply there to be used or abused by us.

What makes it the most precious commodity of all is its equal treatment of all.  Time brings out the very best in us and those who learn to take advantage of its malleability invariably soar to eagle-like heights while those who continually waste it on unimportant, non-urgent and inconsequential tasks, may experience momentary gratification, but rarely reach the outer limits of their potential.

If you have ever sat bewildered and pondered where did the time go, you may have reached the tipping point that forces us to realize we are the master of our own destinies.

Perhaps Alan Lakein summed it up best, “Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste  your life, or master your time and master your life.”     

Till we read again.

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