2019: Your Best Year Ever, Really!

2019: Your Best Year Ever, Really!

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With Christmas a rapidly fading memory and 2019 mere days from being born, this is often the time when many turn their thoughts in the direction of making resolutions.

You know what resolutions are, don’t you? They are those ill-thought-out pledges we make to ourselves about life altering actions we intend to take that will forever mold our future into the shape of our dreams, commencing the moment the clock strikes 12:01 on January 1.

At that precise instant, these new behaviors will become deeply embedded into our everyday lives, bringing us all those things we have longingly wished for.

And, if history is to repeat itself, most of these “irrevocable commitments” will have been broken by noon, replaced with a vague promise to do better next year.

Clearly, I am not a proponent of New Year’s resolutions.

Plan, Don’t Dream

I am, however, a huge fan of using the final few days of the year to fantasize about where we could be 12 months from now if, and this a very big if, there is the desire and commitment to think and behave differently. Understand this is the only way the future will be different from the past.

Life is complex and interconnected: family, relationships, work, community, physical, mental and emotional health and well being. Have you ever taken the time, really taken the time to think about where you are in each of these areas, and plan for how you could grow from where you are to where you would like to be?

If the answer is no, then you have not been serious about evolving your life.  This is where resolutions and change part ways.

How to Plan For Your Best Year Ever

If you are serious, here is a process that can help you to vision, plan and execute.

STEP 1. Imagine  it is now the end of 2019.  You are precisely where you wanted to be and have accomplished all you set out to do in each of those areas.

STEP 2.  Review precisely what you did to make all of this happen.  If you are so inclined, write down each step you took to bring about these amazing results.  This includes recalling and capturing everything you did to overcome the inevitable obstacles that stood in the way of you being exactly where you planned to be.

STEP 3. You now have a life blue print for your goals and how to achieve them. You now know what to do.

STEP 4.  Do it.

Happy New Year.

Till we read again.

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