Try THIS Goal Setting Formula

Try THIS Goal Setting Formula

Try THIS Goal Setting Formula


I am frequently asked whether, over the course of my lengthy coaching career, I have been able to determine a goal setting formula that works.

The best answer I can provide is yes and no. There is no one goal setting formula that applies to all, and there is no single process that will deliver everyone to precisely where they aspire to be.

There is however a somewhat simple formula that has shown to be extremely effective in helping people transition from where they are to where they want to be.

It is an unassuming five step formula that consistently delivers greater than expected results.

It is based on well-established premise that there are three non-negotiable requirements necessary to produce huge results or to create a successful business.

Goal Setting Formula

The first requirement is consistency. Consistency means there is reliable predictability to experiencing the same effort or result repeatedly.

Requirement number two is replicability. Replicability speaks to both the willingness and capacity to deliver the same effort or results anywhere on the planet and to teach others to do the same.

The final requirement is sustainability. Simply put, this means being able to continue the efforts and repeatedly reproduce the same results in the long-term.

So, let’s begin.

Step One is to make a decision. I encourage each client to decide at the beginning of each day precisely what they want to accomplish that day.

This is not a wish list. It is a detailed description of destinations to be reached throughout the day and a firm understanding that they will settle for nothing less.

Step Two is to plan precisely what they will do, or not do, in order to achieve everything they have decided to achieve.

The planning includes addressing both the minutia as well as the bold steps to be taken.

Step Three is to review the plan and, once approved, to acknowledge every item as a “Must Do.” This means an irrevocable commitment to complete the plan regardless of how much time it takes, how many barriers need to be overcome and how difficult, challenging and uncomfortable some of the steps might be.

Step Four is simple. Do it. Go to work. Get it done.

Without question, Step Four is by far the most vital and necessary step in this entire process.

In past postings we have discussed the role of directional activities in propelling us to where we want to be.
Directional activities are, as I’m sure you recall, those actions that nudge us a tiny bit closer to our goal each time we do them. For example, if your goal is to run a 10K, your directional activity is to go for a run. Putting on your shoes, hydrating and logging your progress are all important activities, but they in themselves do not get us closer to our goal. Only actually running does.

Steps One, Two Three and Four, are enormously important. They provide clarity and definiteness of purpose without which we may find ourselves floundering. And yet, as important as they are, these steps do not move us one centimetre closer to anything. They serve merely as a blueprint – the pathway if you will – to our success, but it is action, not decision-making, planning or voicing commitments that delivers results.

And without this we are no closer to anything we desire.

These are the four steps: decide, plan, commit and act.

There is one more step. It is the key step. It is the step that more than any others trips people up and keeps them trapped in where they are. It is the one that, despite all intentions, shatters dreams and destroys souls.
It is the difference that makes the difference.

Step Five

Here it is.

Step Five: Repeat.

That’s right. Repeat steps one through four and then repeat again and again and … I think you get the point.

Working out at the gym will not get you in shape. Working out at the gym again and again is what it takes. The same is true for everything else.

The formula is simple. There really is no other way.

If you need any further encouragement, consider this ancient proverb: The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today.

Enough said.

Let’s make a habit of meeting like this.

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