Join Us, You Make Us Stronger

Join Us, You Make Us Stronger

How are you?

I know that’s a strange question to begin a blog with, but it is no longer an unusual question for these times.

I know of no one whose life is not impacted to some degree by the extraordinary events of these past few weeks.

Whether we are now confined to our homes waiting out a quarantine period and hoping against hope we don’t “get it,” or are simply no longer leaving our house because our home and workplace are now one and the same. For some, it’s because we no longer have a workplace to go to. We have all had a sense of certainty ripped away from us with no indication of when all that we accept as normal will return.

Nor are we able to seek expert guidance as our planet contains no experts, i.e. people with the advanced skill, knowledge or experience in successfully navigating their way through a world battling a deadly disease while simultaneously coping with an economy that has basically been turned off.

Yesterday I hosted a Zoom session with about 20 people. My hope is to form a community of people seeking certainty in their lives and understanding the challenges of attempting to do so in these anything but certain times. We all need a team, a tribe if you will, of people who can help us navigate these uncertain times, and that is the purpose of my Zoom sessions.

Certainty, defined by as meaning the state of being certain; something certain; an assured fact, is a state of comfort sought by us all. Certainty gives us the confidence to make decisions, instills in us a sense of trust for others, and allows us to take chances knowing there is a safety net to catch us if we fall.

My hope is to begin a Community of Care – a growing group of folks who will (virtually) meet frequently, share ideas and seek ways of bringing certainty back into their lives during this period of stress, worry, anxiety, concern and fear.

I further hope to expand this into a Community of Caring – a growing group of people who believe that service to others is the best work of all and who willingly provide hope and assistance, comfort and support to anyone who needs it.

If ever our planet has needed an outpouring of kindness, that time is now. So many of our fellow humans are grieving, worrying panicking as our world becomes more uncertain every day.

They say the finest way to lift up your spirit is to lift up the spirit of another – by the simple act of kindness or friendliness.

In this uncertain world, having a safe place to air our worries, show our fears and reveal our warts may well be the difference between survival and defeat for some and I believe, by building our  Community of Care and our Community of Caring we will change many lives and, may indeed, perhaps even save a few.

If you would like to be a part of our community, or just want a little more information, please email and we will chat.

We also want to start sharing our acts of kindness. This can be anonymous, and no act is too small. If you’ve reached out to help someone during this pandemic, please share your story with me, so I can share it in our Zoom session. The address is

If you have not already joined our Zoom sessions, please do. It’s free of charge and we’ll send you the link ahead of time, you need only add your name to the list by clicking here.

Till we read again.

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