Now is not the time

Now is not the time

These times have caused millions of us to take a break.

Albeit, for most of us this break is an unwelcome one. We have reluctantly taken a break from going to work, going to the gym, having lunch with colleagues and dinner with friends.

We have taken a break from outings and shopping and movies and entertainment and pretty much everything else that constitutes being alive.

And no groups seem to be exempt from this forced time off. People of all professions and occupations are taking a break from those professions and occupations and those folks are seeking ways to bring normality into their lives while waiting for the “all clear” to be sounded so they can begin creating what will become their new normal.

There is however, one group which has displayed absolutely no willingness to deviate from the norms of the daily routine.

I am referring to our elected officials. The politicians who seem intent on going to work each day with the sole purpose of finding something to criticize regarding any and all actions and decisions of their opponents.

We see this at the federal level where, regardless of the decisions made and actions taken by the ruling party, the opposition immediately begin their usual sniping criticism and we view this locally at the provincial level where our opposition immediately takes to the microphone to lambaste all decisions made by our ruling party.

Of course, at both the federal and provincial levels, the ruling parties retaliate with equal ferociousness.

In light of the present state of our world, I view this behavior as petulant, pitiful and outright pathetic.

And, our neighbors to the south are hardly role models for better behavior.

In times of crisis we seek leadership. We look for leaders to inspire us, comfort us and tell us everything will be okay. We also need leaders who, while doing this, also make tough but necessary decisions with their eyes firmly focused on long-term gain, not short-term pain.

And certainly not political gain.

And most importantly we look for leaders who have the maturity and common sense to set aside their differences, link arms and, by standing together show us that they are working hard in our best interest.

Where are those leaders?

This is not a time for ideological hairsplitting, nonstop criticizing and perpetual blaming. This is not the time for seeking political advantage but rather, it is the time for doing what is best for the citizens, not what is best for a résumé.

Our politicians need to seek sameness while setting aside differences and creating a nonpartisan environment of unity for the benefit of all.

There will be plenty of time, at some indeterminate point in the future when this dual crisis is behind us, to unsheathe their swords and seek every opportunity for drawing blood.

Proficient leaders unite, ineffective leaders divide. Our leaders need to extend their arms in friendship while waving olive branches as they agree to evaluate each idea brought forwards on its merit and not on whether it fits snugly into the cozy confines of their political ideology.

These are challenging times. We ask only one thing of our leaders.



Till we read again.

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