Reach the BIG goal: Where Will YOU Be in 100 Days?

Reach the BIG goal: Where Will YOU Be in 100 Days?

Reach the BIG goal: Where Will YOU Be in 100 Days?


What steps do you follow when you want to make the BIG change or reach the BIG goal?

Let’s say the BIG goal is to learn Spanish.

You go online searching for a course in Spanish that is available in your community, you find one that works within both your schedule and budget and you sign up.

It is a 14-week course and you faithfully attend the weekly two-hour class, complete all your homework assignments and spend whatever little bits of available time you have attempting to practice with anyone who can say hola.

And at the end of 14 weeks you speak Spanish as fluently and comfortably as you do English.


Wrong! At the end of 14 weeks you can barely stumble through a few mundane sentences. Perhaps you know how to order a taco and to ask for directions to the washroom, but you almost certainly can’t do much more.

Or, you can get on a plane, fly to Mexico, find your way to a residential neighbourhood, randomly knock on a door and inform the residents that you are moving in and will be living with them for the next 100 days.

And so you do. You attend school with the kids and go to work with the adults. You are part of every conversation and accompany family members to the grocery store, movies, restaurants and social events with their friends.

You think and speak Spanish from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until the second you close them at night.

You are completely absorbed in the language every moment of every day. And at the end of 100 days, while you may not be grammatically perfect in every aspect of your speech, you are conversationally fluent and light years ahead of where you would have been had you taken the 14-week course.

There is a simple reason why the Mexico method is so much more effective: immersion.


When we completely immerse ourselves in anything, we rapidly accelerate our learning and skill level which is why in a very short period of time, we are capable of achieving extraordinary results. So much more, in fact, than ordinary, more traditional practices.

The Mexican adventure is about a total immersion boot camp-type experience. While the tongue-in-cheek example above is clearly not practical for most, the process demonstrates the kind of obsession necessary to make a dramatic change in 100 days.

In my work as a Habits Coach, I have helped hundreds of clients develop the habits necessary to create the lives they want. There is a certain predictability to the amount of time this takes and while many clients realize great gains in short periods of time, the greatest advances usually occur at the 9 to 12-month mark.

I have long believed in the power of total immersion and when we combine immersion with obsession, there is little that can stand in the way of our getting the results we desire.

Now It’s Your Turn

I am leading a 100-day immersion program. It’s called OBSESSION: 100-day Bootcamp to Optimal Performance. The participants will spend two days in an immersion setting, learning how to to achieve optimal performance. Then, for the next 100 days they will apply what they’ve learned and catapult their careers and businesses to heights they might never have thought possible.

The hundred days will not be without challenge and will demand each participant push themselves further and harder than ever before.

And at the end of the 100 days, the participants will bear little resemblance to the one’s who began the program.

The results of OBSESSION for those who have gone through it have been nothing short of amazing.

Reach the BIG Goal

If you are ready for a massive change in your performance, and you believe you have what it takes to get there, either click here, or contact me at (403) 802 3477 or email me at

Let’s have the conversation how to transform you into the superstar you’ve know you can be.

Consider this: those hundred days will pass whether you participate in this program or not.

Where will you be 100 days from now?

Till we read again.

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