Light Your Own Fire

Light Your Own Fire


We all have things we want, goals we would like to achieve and projects we would like to complete.

The likelihood of us succeeding in our endeavors almost always comes down to a single measure: how important is it to accomplish our objectives?

Every wish, goal, dream, need, want, desire we have falls somewhere along a continuum that on one end is represented by “Nice to Have,” and on the other by “Must Have.”

Those that are close to the “Nice to Have” are the ones that, if by some miracle, magically handing out lapse, we will enjoy having them, but really have no intention of putting forth any effort to realize them.

On the other end of that continuum – ” Must Have ” – are those things we will no longer live without. When a goal resides in the “Must Have” category there is no force on this planet strong enough to prevent us from reaching it, and the difference between goals achieved and wishes unfulfilled is simply the product of how badly we want them.

My studies of those who have achieved spectacular success, be it in sports, business, academe, entertainment, arts or any other field, have many common traits and the one that seems present across the board is that each of these super-successful folks is obsessed with achieving great results as witnessed by their relentlessness, dedication, commitment and resilience.

They all seem to possess a spirit that is never dampened, only inspired by defeat, setback and failure.

It’s All About Obsession

Obsession does not mean singularity of focus so intense that all else is removed from one’s life, it means that every second committed to the accomplishment of the goal is spent working feverishly towards the goal regardless of obstacles, challenges, pain, disappointment, setback or simply those bright shiny objects or interruptions that appear out of nowhere and steal our focus.

In other words, it is their mindset that enables their focus to remain always on the goal and never any of the distractions can so easily move them away from it.

Obsession means total immersion in the objective at hand. It means being on the field playing your heart out during every minute of play despite every nerve-ending being on fire, every muscle ready to drop from exhaustion and every joint begging you to quit.

It means believing so strongly in what you are doing that you pay no attention to those who counsel otherwise, criticize, judge or suggest you seek an easier path.

It means having undentable faith that you will succeed and the unshakable belief in your ability to do so.

And it means doing what you know you should be doing when you really don’t feel like doing it, and not doing what you know you shouldn’t be doing when you really feel like doing it.

I believe each of us has the same goal: to be happy. The path to happiness is different for each of us and I also believe that within each of us is a spark waiting to be stirred into a raging fire.

Are You Ready?

If you too believe there is a spark within you waiting to be ignited and feel you are ready for lift-off, then OBSESSION – 100 DAY BOOT CAMP TO OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE is my proven program to kindle your fire and keep it burning.

Now that summer is just about over, this is the ideal program to get you ready for 2019, your best year EVER. Join us for the September cohort and meet like-minded, inspired and energetic people who will be on the same life-changing journey, supporting you every step of the way.

Email me at and let’s get that spark ignited.
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