Text reading "This Is The REAL Role of Politicians" and a woman speaking at a political debate

This Is The REAL Role of Politicians

It’ll be time to choose a new mayor and council here in Calgary in about six weeks, but many don’t seem all that excited. Why is that? Maybe people are tired of our elected officials not delivering what they promise?

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This Could Be Your Secret Weapon

According to the CEO of one of the largest companies on the planet, there is one quality that makes or breaks a great company: Discretionary Effort. In this blog, I give you the insights you need to instill it in your company.

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How To Read More Books

Reading has an enormous effect on life outcomes. Literacy (which comprises more than just reading) has a larger effect on income and employment level than any other factor.

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How to Stay Optimistic

These are, to use an increasingly tired cliché, unprecedented times. How to stay optimistic has gone from a temporary challenge to genuine crisis for many people. However, for most of us, how to stay optimistic in the face of adversity is something well within our control.

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Stop Blaming Others

If I had one piece of advice for people perpetually miserable with the current state of their life it would be to stop blaming others for it. We all landed on this planet endowed with the greatest gift possible – the gift of thought – and contained within that jewel lay a diamond encrusted and gold wrapped treasure – the remarkable power of choice.