Make Networking a Habit

October 5, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

Make Networking a Habit Earlier this week I had the privilege of speaking at a convention in Victoria, British Columbia. The topic was one near and dear to my heart – networking. Networking is simply seeking opportunities to meet, interact with and form connections with new people. It’s contributed to my life in many different … Read More

Where do Habits Come From?

September 5, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, goals, Habits

Where Do Habits Come From? “We first make our habits, then our habits make us.”-John Dryden, England’s first Poet Laureate in 1668.That quote is as true today as it was 350 years ago. The only difference is  today we have a far greater understanding of the extent to which habits shape our lives.In other words, … Read More

Do It Willingly

August 1, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

Do It Willingly When you were a kid did you have a list of chores that had to be done, no matter what? Do the dishes, clean your room, walk the dog, clean your room, wash the car, clean your room. A seemingly endless list of non-optional tasks to be flawlessly performed on a regular … Read More

Going Through a Crisis? Grow Through It Instead

July 13, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs

Going Through a Crisis? Grow Through It Instead Ever been through a crisis? We all have. Stuff happens! We’ve all had to deal with unplanned, poorly timed and, most definitely unwanted circumstances in our lives that throw us completely off course, and leave us stunned, scared, confused, exhausted, drained and depressed. It may be a … Read More

You’re Not Overthinking, You’re Rehearsing

June 6, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

You have a job interview on Friday. This is the final interview and the one which will determine whether you get the job. It’s your dream job, one you have coveted for a long time. You can’t stop thinking about it. Overthinking might be more accurate. How you conduct yourself in this interview will determine … Read More

Eliminate Self-Pity with THIS

May 23, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, goals, Habits

There is a habit that we would all benefit tremendously from losing. It is The Habit of Self-Pity and no good has ever come from its use. This habit is so draining, so damaging and so restrictive that it’s very presence can cause paralyzing inertia. This habit, perhaps more than any other, has destroyed hope, … Read More

The Story We Tell Ourselves

April 27, 2018By Rael KalleyBeliefs, Habits

The Story We Tell Ourselves A friend shared a terrific quote about the story we tell ourselves,and it is certainly worth repeating. “Be very careful of what you say to yourself, because you are always listening.” A Google search attributed numerous variations of this quote to different people making it difficult to credit and acknowledge … Read More