Sustaining Momentum = Peace of Mind

July 25, 2018By Rael Kalleygoals, Habits, sales

Sustaining Momentum = Peace of Mind I have a client, a successful realtor, who for many years repeated a strange pattern of behavior that was always puzzling to me. My awareness of each new cycle of this pattern usually began with a somewhat frantic phone call during which he would confess that, yes, once again, … Read More

Leaders Don’t Blame

June 1, 2018By Rael KalleyCorporate Coaching, sales

Monday was an interesting day for me: I was severely berated recently during a meeting for suggesting a simple adage I know to be true: leaders don’t blame. My client, a senior executive in a large multinational corporation, was explaining the dismal performance of his division and the failure to come even close to hitting … Read More

What World-Class Sales Organizations Know

September 15, 2017By Rael KalleyCorporate Coaching, sales

What World-Class Sales Organizations Know There are very few world-class sales organizations in the world, and this was confirmed to me in conversations I had after writing my blog about bad customer service experiences. It would appear I am not alone in my less-than-stellar experiences with sales people. In the last week, I have had … Read More