Are You Ready?

June 15, 2018By Rael KalleyUncategorized

I’m looking for a few good people. Actually, not a few, only two. Next week is the launch of “Obsession” 100 Day Boot Camp to Optimal Performance and I am looking to add two more people to round out the cohort. Eight brave souls have committed to this journey and, in so doing, are committed … Read More

Praise and Recognition Cost Nothing

June 8, 2018By Rael KalleyUncategorized

Praise and Recognition Cost Nothing Last night I met with a group of small business owners and the conversation turned to the topic of employee praise and recognition.It was fascinating to listen to different viewpoints on this matter. I have long been a strong proponent of the notion “what gets rewarded gets repeated” and have … Read More

The Importance of Being a Good Speaker

April 21, 2018By Rael KalleyUncategorized

The Importance of Being a Good Speaker The experts tell us there is one nonnegotiable, undeniable prerequisite for great leadership. If you guessed visionary, charismatic, decisive or likeable, you would be wrong. The essential requirement is to be a powerful, compelling and confident speaker. There are many essential traits that great leaders have in common … Read More

Call Me, If You Can

December 15, 2017By Rael KalleyUncategorized

Call Me, If You Can Never once have I used the approximately 700 blogs I have posted in the eight years since I wrote the first one as a platform for expressing my own political views or to rant specifically about a customer service experiences I have encountered. It has been a personal rule of … Read More

Don’t Wait Until January for This Resolution

September 6, 2017By Rael KalleyUncategorized

Don't Wait Until January for This Resolution “I could.” “I should.” “What the heck, why not.” “This time I mean it!” I promise.”“ I really need to do this.” “I will.” Chances are if you, at one time in your life made a resolution to change your behaviour. If you’ve set out to change any … Read More

Great Reasons to Improve Planning Skills

August 23, 2017By Rael KalleyUncategorized

Great Reasons to Improve Planning Skills Those who can improve planning skills, who make planning a habit, are likely to have the best end result. Experts like John E. Rehfeld have explained some primary differences between the way Japanese companies and North American companies conducted business. Rehfeld is former VP for Toshiba as well as … Read More

3 Signs of Bad Leadership

August 18, 2017By Rael KalleyUncategorized

3 Signs of Bad Leadership To me, there are many ways to be a great leader, but there are three major warning signs of bad leadership.  I have an amazing job; my work enables me to meet and interact with many people. My company, Strategic Pathways, has conducted thousands of employee surveys, exit interviews and … Read More