Do You Lie To Yourself?

May 30, 2018By Rael Kalleygoals, Habits, weight loss

Do you ever lie to yourself? I don’t mean the kind of lie where your intention is to deceive, but rather the type of lie where in the moment of telling, you actually believe your own lie to be true. If that sounds a bit confusing, perhaps a few examples will help. You’re doing really … Read More

Decisions, Decisions: Nothing has a Bigger Impact

March 23, 2018By Rael Kalleyweight loss

Decisions, Decisions: Nothing has a Bigger Impact What is the one thing we do that has the greatest impact on our lives? The answer: the decisions we make. This question, or a variation, is one that comes up frequently in discussions with clients and is one I have long wrestled with. Having given my response to … Read More

Stop Playing the Weighting Game

January 24, 2018By Rael KalleyHabits, weight loss

Stop Playing the Weighting Game After a multiyear absence, I am now back in the seminar/workshop business offering people in Calgary weight loss workshops designed to change your thinking around losing weight. I never really left the business, as my corporate work has always included conducting training sessions and workshops relevant to my consulting practice. … Read More

To Make a Change You Must Pay the Price

December 13, 2017By Rael Kalleygoals, weight loss

Are you thinking of trying to make a change? It comes down to which price you’re willing to pay. What are you willing to pay to lose weight, that extra 50 pounds you’ve been carrying around for years, and never gain it back again? What will you do to get in the best shape of … Read More

The Only Weight Loss Method You Need

October 25, 2017By Rael Kalleyweight loss

The Only Weight Loss Method You Need This weekend I will be conducting a one-day workshop on weight loss. The focus, rather than being on a specific weight loss method, will be on the mindset necessary to not only lose weight, but to keep it off. Many of my clients have spoken of the years … Read More