Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People

October 26, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Habits

A question I am frequently asked is “How do you deal with difficult people” There is not a “one size fits all” answer to this question. I do believe there are no difficult people, just people whose perspective differs from ours. Labeling a person as “difficult” implies that their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and methodologies are … Read More

Building Relationships? Stop Making This Error

October 19, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Habits

There is a great story about building relationships. It starts with a young reporter given an assignment to interview two politicians competing for a seat in an upcoming election. She books appointments to interview both. She sets off to conduct her first interview. Her boss asks her how the interview went when her gets back. … Read More

Light Your Own Fire

August 31, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, goals, Habits

We all have things we want, goals we would like to achieve and projects we would like to complete. The likelihood of us succeeding in our endeavors almost always comes down to a single measure: how important is it to accomplish our objectives? Every wish, goal, dream, need, want, desire we have falls somewhere along … Read More

Entitlement is Not A Right

August 29, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Habits

Entitlement is Not a Right Having served as a member of a condominium Board of Directors for more than 12 years, I have become accustomed to dealing with people who confuse their rights with entitlement. What still astounds me though is the degree of indignation we witness from some folks when it is pointed out … Read More

Dealing with Difficult People

August 17, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Corporate Coaching, culture

Dealing with Difficult People Every office has one. At least one. Some have many. You know what I mean? Difficult people.Difficult people are not going anywhere. Which means you need to find a way to coexist and, preferably, prosper.But how?He/she/they lack any redeemable feature that you can latch onto, and cultivate in a way that … Read More

What Makes a Good Apology?

August 3, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication

What Makes a Good Apology? “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” That line, made famous in the 1970’s movie Love Story, served ostensibly to teach us true love is blind to all faults and it is never necessary to apologize to those we love and who, in turn, love us. No apology necessary. … Read More

It’s Not About Blame

March 30, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Corporate Coaching

It's Not About Blame I experienced a problem this week that served to underscore the problem with blame. My wife Gimalle and I live in a two-tower condominium complex and I have served as a member of the Board of Directors for the past 12 years. Gimalle, while not a member of the board, is … Read More

Look Past First Impressions

February 7, 2018By Rael Kalleycommunication, Corporate Coaching, culture

Look Past First Impressions You are interviewing a person for a senior management position within your company, and you’re keenly observant of the interviewee’s behaviour. After all, first impressions are key, right?  The candidate shows up for the interview 45 minutes late, offers no explanation for his tardiness, plonks himself down in a chair, puts … Read More